Sunday, February 04, 2007

Baths, Chainsaws and a new Office

We are adjusting nicely to our new home. Nicoles whirlpool bathtube is bubbling and the 2nd floor bathroom has 1 sink left to be connected. The basement office area is finished other than than cultured stone I need to place on the chimnney and the radiant heat flooring that needs some plumbing work.

Nicole bought her self a nice little lightweight Echo chainsaw under the sage guidance of Maine woodsmen Marvin Moore (our awesome neighbor). She just loves her wood. Our woodstove cranks 24-7. She aka "hot rods" the stove.

Oh yeah...Marvin has been dropping off "trees" at the house which he has cut down on land clearing jobs the last 2-weeks. We should have enough wood for next two years. All we need now is one of those little Kubota or John Deere tractors and we will fit right in up here.

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