Saturday, October 28, 2006

Roof Closed up

We closed in the roof on Friday. All the sheathing, insulation and strapping is set. Now we just wait for the roofing contractor to install the metal roof. Included here are a few pic of us working on the roof and the chimney contractors finishing up their project. We really like Mark & Danny the chminey masons. They will be back we hope to help us work on the inside finishing and carpentry.

Nicole just had to get on that dam roof...She is in heaven building our home.

Ahhhhhhh...we are taking off Sat/Sun...Matt needs a break his elbow is hurting.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Closing in on the roof

We are getting closer to having the roof totally enclosed. Great news for Matt he doesn't have to go on the roof. We hired a contractor to place the metal roof on the house. Yeapeeeee!

The chimney guys are already at the top of the roof. Tomorrow they finish with brick at the point.

We thought we saw some snow today but it was probably just sleet. It was cold windy and rainy. Charlie is staying in the Toyota 4-Runner all day. He doesn't like the cold. We have a few nice days coming up. We are in good shape as we will have the roof up by early next week.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Were Gainnnnnnnnnnen on her

(Maine lingo for, we are making progress.)

We have started the inside sheathing process. We are using 2x6 1" sea pine boards, tongue & groove. The sea pine is placed on the outside of the frame so we will view all the wood from the inside of the house, (the wood that is facing us from inside the home).

A 2nd sheathing (outside siding) then goes on the outside of the house over insulation. The outside boards will be our wood siding. It is a very interesting process and difficult to explain via text. We are about 60% done on the inside sheating then the roof comes next. Nicole says we are putting on the roof ourselves but I am getting contractor quotes as I am not to excited about doing the roof. We will see what comes about.

Exciting news! We contracted with a mason to build us a chimmney. We are going to place the chimmney in the middle of the house then we are going to apply a cultured stone wall around all four sides. This is going to be one of the highlights of the house. We are going to incorporate a "floating" staircase as well so the rock chimmney can be viewed from all sides of the house. The floating staircase will enable us to "open" the house up as without implementing a divder wall. We bought a Vermont Castings wood stove the other day for the first floor.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Trusses Up and the House is Framed out

Wow! We did it. The house is now framed. We had great help from two Dads (Mike & Alan), a mom (Irene), friends Dan & Lois Topolski, and our new neighbor Marvin. We built the beams by hand, boy were they heavy to put up. There are a total 11 trusses.

Our 2nd wood delivery came on Sunday early this week and included our windows, doors, and metal roof. We also got the sheathing a nice "Sea Pine" tongue and grooved from New
Hampshire. We will start the sheathing on Sunday.

Our septic and holding tanks were buried and we had the water drilled on Wednesday, 380 ft. down.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

2nd Floor Decking

Matt and Nicole work on the 2nd floor decking. Our neighbor Marvin looks above as we build.

Alan, Mike and Irene completed the decking on the mud room/2nd floor bathroom area of the house.

The Beams Go up

We got all the beams up on the house. It was tough but we did it. Our new crew includes Dad (Alan), Dad (Mike) and Irene (Mom).