Sunday, January 14, 2007

The move & Matt's Rocks

Hi, everyone! We managed to start moving into the house yesterday. We still don't have plumbing or hot water but we are very close. We are still using the condo in Winter Harbor to shower and other things. We hooked up our WiFi and now surf in the house at speeds around 900K, not bad for satellite Internet.

The siding was completed. We are now focusing on hooking up the automatic generator, finishing the plumbing and heating and completion of the wiring.

We started the masonry on the facia of our chimmney using cultured rock. The cultured rock stacks like bricks and you use a mortar/cement mix to adhere the rocks to the chimmney. The chimmney runs up through all three floors so this is a big project. I've added some pics here so you can see. This is one my projects so I am sure it will be slow going. It is very time consuming. Mark Richmond our mason is assisting me on the third floor so we can finish this area first as the chimmney goes through our master bedroom.

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