Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Maine Christmas

We spent our first night in the house on Christmas Eve. We cranked the wood stove up to 60 degrees. We were surprised, considering the wood stove is the only heat source currently in the house. We opened presents on Christmas Day and of course Charlie enjoyed the most.

Siding continues, poly-urathane of the floors continues and our plumber is scheduled to start the plumbing late next week. Our new goal is to be in the house by January 15th. As soon as we finish the floors we can bring in our appliances. The propane tank (our fuel source) comes on Wednesday.

We got HughesNet satellite Internet hooked up yesterday. We went with the commercial line and we are receiving speeds of 935k-1.5MB download which is equivalent to the DSL we had here in our condo. There is no cable or DSL high speed Internet at or near Robbins Point Road.

Nicole's Dishnet satellite TV is installed next week as well. Our back yard will soon look like a government research center.

The house is really coming around and we are very pleased. We can't wait to move in.
Happy New Year!

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